5 Best Playmakers in the World that You Can Watch Today

Playmaker is player that has ability to read the tempo of the game and game flow. Then, he will deliver a play that can change the game as well as create chance for striker to score goal.  The role as playmaker has become much more important in today’s football world. The strategy that becomes even complex and give only small room for player to move around, make the playmaker’s vision is necessary for a team. What playmaker does will affect the whole game and even bring the team to win the game. Here are some players that can be considered as the best playmaker you can find in today’s modern football.


  1. Cesc Fabregas

This Chelsea player has proved to be one of important player for Chelsea. Although, Antonio Conte, Chelsea coach doesn’t play him too much, but once he enter the field, we can always expect that Chelsea will get chance to create a goal. Fabregas is well-known with his ability to make very accurate pass. Every pass that he launch to opponent defense line, will always need more attention. Otherwise, Chelsea’s striker will be able to score a goal.

According to data, he already made 60 chances in Premier League and UEFA Champions League. And, his average pass reaches 3.2 key passes per game. Compared to other player in Chelsea, this is the best.

  1. David Silva

He has nickname as Spanish Sorcerer or Merlin. He has great vision and can make pass that opponent player doesn’t realize and unable to intercept. And, we can say that he is one of most important player in Manchester City, that make the playing style brought by Pep Guardiola become complete and work well. The classic playmaker, usually play in the center midfielder. However, Silva is different. Pep places him on the winger position. But, because the Manchester City playing style is flexible, especially when they are attacking, he can change his position and move to anywhere he wants it. Because of this flexible position, David Silva has produced many assists for Manchester City. According to data, he made 10 assists that produce goal and create 43 chances in Premier League and Champions League. More than that, his pass success percentage is also considered higher, which is 88.6%.

  1. Neymar

As the most expensive football player in the world, when Paris Saint-Germain bought him from Barcelona with the price at €222 million, he proves himself worth with that price. He scores many goals for PSG, but more than that, he also makes many key plays that allow PSG to score more goals. In Ligue 1 and Champions League, he has already made 62 chances and 9 assists for PSG. Maybe, we can say that he is the most dangerous left attacking midfielder today.Neymar-PSG-Best-Playmaker

When opponent lose focus a little bit, the right side of the defense will be destroyed. He doesn’t only have ability to create chance and pass to other player. He also can break the defense line with his dribbling. According to the data, he creates average of 3.6 key passes per game. Many experts believe that he will win the Ballon d’Or in the near future. If we compare him with two best players today, Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, he is better than them in this term.

  1. Kevin De Bruyne

Manchester City was very lucky when they successfully transfer this Belgian player to Etihad Stadium. When he played for Chelsea, Chelsea was unable to maximize his potency and skill. In the end, he can’t show his real ability. Then, after he leaves Chelsea and played for VfL Wolfsburg, Manchester City sees his ability as playmaker and gets this player. And, in City, he evolved into one of the most dangerous midfielder. Bruyne and Silva combination can be said as the most dangerous combination in Premier League and Europe.

Bruyne can be said as complete playmaker. He can keep the ball let his teammates to find space, dribbling and break the opponent defense line, or he can make key pass that will create chance for goal. He also has speed, which make this playmaker can join counterattack. His position as midfielder and even deep-lying playmaker, also allow him to help his team defense when opponent attack. His ability has been shown from the record that he has made this season, where he successfully made 56 chances in Premier League and Champions League for Manchester City. In Premier League itself, he creates more assists than other player with 8 assists so far.

  1. Lionel Messi

IFFHS has awarded Messi as the best playmaker in the world in 2015 and 2016, when he still played on right flank, accompanying Suarez as pole striker and Neymar on the left flank. However, when Neymar leave and Ernesto Valverde become Barcelona coach, Messi was placed as false nine. He played as the shadow striker. But, Valverde give him freedom to move to any position he liked. And, this kind of playing style creates his new role as the playmaker in the front line of Barcelona. He work together with Iniesta and successfully create many chances that lead Barcelona to won many matches. And also Messi knows as the one of the most important player in Barcelona history.

lionel messi barcelona

The most amazing ability of Messi as playmaker is his vision. We can say he is the best playmaker with best vision today. He can see where his teammates will shows up and place the ball on the right place, where his teammate will be able to convert it into goal, easily. The most dangerous part of Messi is how he can change from playmaker into shadow striker or even striker in small amount of time. Right now, he has successfully made 40 chances in La Liga and Champions League, with 5 assists on both of those competition.

Those were 5 best playmakers that are still active today. You are really lucky to have chance to watch their performance on the field. And of course, from them you can expect some great play and match that you never forget in the rest of your life.

5 Important Barcelona Players in Last Decade

Barcelona has turned into one of most important football club in the last decade. They are strong club to begin with, where they dominate La Liga with Real Madrid. Of course, the players that played in Barcelona has big role in bringing Barcelona become one of best football team in the world. And, here are 6 of them that can be considered the most important player in Barcelona playing style, in the last decade.


  1. Marc-Andre ter Stegen

Among many Barcelona goalkeepers in last decade, he is what we can consider as the best. He has one of the best reflexes in the world as goalkeeper. You can see how he made many saves on the last El Classico. But, the best about Marc-Andre ter Stegen is his ability to read the game and control the ball on the back. He can suddenly make long pass to the opponent defense for create fast counterattack. Or, he also has ability to control the ball on the back, and lure the opponent to come for creating space in the middle. We can call him as the libero goalkeeper, one of rare position that you can only find on the best goalkeeper in the past.

Maybe, the way he play right know is influenced by the Germany football team playing style. Germany also has similar style like Barcelona. They use possession football and lot of short pass. Therefore, he doesn’t have any problem to adapt when he joined Barcelona.

  1. Ivan Rakitic

He is one of important player in Barcelona. After Rafael Marques leave Barcelona, the club doesn’t have any power-type player. It worked well, actually, when they start to use Tiki Taka style. However, that was only for couple years or in beginning. Then, after their opponent know how to fight it, which is with high pressure and physical play, the midfield is difficult to develop the game. The three midfielders at that time, Iniesta, Xavi and Busquet, aren’t capable in facing this kind of strategy. Iniesta and Xavi is technique-type player, and they are also growing old, which isn’t matched with the physical play that opponent use. On the other hand, Busquet is still young, but he is the same player-type like Iniesta and Xavi. More than that, he is slow.


However, with Rakitic joined the club, the midfield area of Barcelona has more power. He can cut and fight with physical-type player from other team. Therefore, Barcelona can keep their playing style, even though opponent use that strategy. Rakitic is also midfielder that love to penetrate to the opponent defense line. He also can release cannonball kick from outside the penalty box, which Barcelona lost after Deco leave the club. Rakitic also has ability to send long pass, when Barcelona in the middle of counterattack.

  1. Sergio Busquet

We can call him as metronome. After Xavi left Barcelona, there is no player that can take his role as playmaker, until Busquet come to main squad. Before Rakitic came, he can’t play like what he does today. He will stay in the back, and play as defending midfielder. However, with Rakitic come into the squad, they can change their position one and another. So, his playmaking ability has become much better and have big effect in Barcelona playing style.

  1. Lionel Messi & Ronaldinho

We can’t separate them, because they have important role that is equal for Barcelona playing. Currently, we can say that Messi is the most important player in Barcelona. He doesn’t only play as playmaker in frontline. But, he also becomes the morale booster for other player. We often see him change how Barcelona play, when he substitute other player in the middle of the game. His vision and dribble, can be considered as the best in the world. He can see any hole in the opponent defense line and do two things. He can pass to other player which mostly will lead to a goal, or with his dribbling ability, he can break that line by himself. More than that, Messi also can open the space to attract defender, so other Barcelona player can penetrate the defense of the opposite team. We can see it clearly in last El Classico, when Barcelona scored first goal. It was clearly, that Kovacic that should be cover the area in front of defense line, has to leave his post to guard Messi. This hole then can be used perfectly by Rakitic to pass the ball to Sergi Roberto on the right side, which then passes to Suarez on the far left that make him easily score the first goal.


Ronaldinho also has similar position and ability like Messi. He has speed, power and good dribbling ability. The one that make him become little bit better than Messi is his power. Messi won’t be able to hold his stand, if player that bigger than him doing body charge. However, Ronaldinho can do that. You may remember on one of Champions League match, when Barcelona faces Chelsea, John Terry, which is taller and bigger than Ronaldinho fly away because of Ronaldinho body charge. More than that, Ronaldinho playing style is more interesting than Messi. agen sbobet terpercaya

  1. Xavi Hernandez

We place him on the first place, because he has big role in Barcelona playing style. When he left Barcelona, this team is like losing its style and can’t play like it used to be. More than that, compared to other player that has bigger physique than Xavi, he can fight them toe to toe. But, the most important thing, Xavi is the manifestation of the correct way to play football. Most of player will play by looking at the ball most of the time. Xavi is different. He feels the ball with his foot and sees around him. This is what makes him become best playmaker for Barcelona. He also can construct the Barcelona play this way. More than that, we can say that his ball keeping skill is much better than Messi. You will rarely see him lose the ball.

So, those were the most important player in Barcelona squad for last decade. However, you need to remember. Football is team-sport. Therefore, other than those who are mentioned above, all players on the field are important player. Without the good teamwork between them, Barcelona won’t be able to get many achievements like what we can see today.

The Most Unforgettable Moments of Football

Football is one of the most phenomenal sports on earth. Starting from the world cup, fierce competition between teams, a row of expensive players, wags, gambling, corruption, achievements, and accidents are all there. From so many things going on in football, there are some events that will be unforgettable moments throughout football history.

Unforgettable matches

United States vs. Iran

‘The most politically game in World Cup history’; is how people nicknamed the game in the 1998 World Cup. Apart from the bad political relations between the two countries for several decades, the fight in the group phase that runs full of friendship. No controversy occurred in the duel which Iran finally won with the 2-1.

Two Injury Time Goals of the Red Devils

There is no comeback story as dramatic as Manchester United vs Bayern Munich in the 1998/1999 Champions League final. Left behind since six minutes, MU seems to be lost because until the 90th minute they have not equalized. But in the period of injury time the miracle came. Two goals in a two-minute interval by Teddy Sheringham (90 + 1) and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (90 + 2) gave United a 2-1 victory and title.

World cup moments

Greece European Cup Winner 2004

Before the Euro 2004, Greece only twice passed to major tournaments. Who would have thought they could then be a champion. Together with coach Otto Rehhagel, Greece plays rely on solid defense and build attacks through counter attack. Greece beat France in the quarterfinals with 1-0, in the Czech Republic’s replacement semifinals were subdued through a goal silver rule. In Portugal’s top party is capped through a single goal Angelos Charisteas.

Goal Ghost in the World Cup Final

Many ghost goals have occurred throughout World Cup history, but the level of urgency has never been as important in the 1966 World Cup final. England and West Germany have to go through extra time after playing 2-2 in 90 minutes. The controversial goal came as Geoff Hurst’s shot hit the bar and bounced off the ground before being swept by the German defender. The referee (Switzerland) is not sure deciding to ask the line judge (Azerbaijan). Although the two did not speak the same language it was finally decided the goal had taken place.

Pele World Cup Debut


The world has been looking forward to Pele’s skill when he made his 1958 World Cup debut. Although only 17 years old, Pele was already known to the European media for his ability to process the ball that is considered very good. Pele proved that throughout the tournament. He scored the first goal against Wales, and then made a hat-trick when faced with France in the semifinals and made two more goals when faced with Sweden in the final. agen judi online

Players with their very own unforgettable moments

Suarez’s teeth

After the rescue action at the 2010 World Cup, Luis Suarez again made controversy in the 2014 World Cup. This time the victim was Giorgio Chiellini, who could be slightly injured from being bitten by the Uruguayan striker. FIFA sent Suarez heavy penalties for his third bite action.

Frank Rijkaard spit for Rudi Voller

There are many stories about the Dutch feud with West Germany on the field. One of the hottest occurred in the last 16 of the 1990 World Cup. In the fierce duel at the San Siro, Frank Rijkaard was caught on camera spat on Rudi Voller twice. The feud between the two players finally ended with both being a red card.

Penalty Panenka

Antonin Panenka led Czechoslovakia champion in the 1976 European Cup. The legendary then of him was a penalty execution in the final game against West Germany. Instead of releasing a hard or directional kick, he chose to poke the ball toward the middle. Such a penalty technique is then immortalized by its name.

Red Card David Beckham

So the stars in England and Manchester United, David Beckham must have a bad tournament at the 1998 World Cup. Because Beckham stuck out his legs to tackle Diego Simeone, he got a red card. England eventually lost the game and was eliminated from the tournament on penalties. ’10 heroic lions, one stupid boy ‘wrote The Mirror at that time.

Golden Goal Ahn Jung-Hwan

Despite all the controversy, Ahn Jung-Hwan’s golden goal against Italy in the last 16 of the 2002 World Cup became one of the greatest moments in the tournament’s history. Italy’s superior first through Christian Vieri canceled a win because Seol Ki-hyeon make a goal in minute 88 and Ahn Jung-Hwan goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon in 117 minutes.

13 Just Fontaine Goals

The 1958 World Cup was identical to Pele. But there are other players who performed brilliantly in the tournament; he is French striker Just Fontaine who made 13 goals throughout the tournament, breaking the record of the most goals in a World Cup title previously held by Sandor Kocsis (11). Fontaine scored six goals as France defeated West Germany 6-3. Interestingly, the 1958 World Cup was the only World Cup that Fontaine followed.


Andres Escobar probably did not think that an own goal he created at the 1994 World Cup ended with his life flying. Escobar was shot dead after he returned home to Colombia, believed the shooting was done as a ‘penalty’ for an own goal he made in a match with the United States. It is said that Escobar was shot six times, and the culprit shouted ‘Gol!’ when executing Escobar.


Superga Air Disaster took the life of the entire Torino squad in a plane crash that occurred on May 4, 1949. The incident also became a big blow for the Italian national team because the majority of players are penggawa Torino. Millions of people took to the streets to accompany the funerals of the victims held a few weeks after the incident.

The Munich tragedy occurred on February 6, 1958, when British European Airways flight number 609 crashed at Munich-Riem Airport. Being in the plane is a Manchester United squad known as the “Busby Babes” nickname. Eight players of the Red Devils were killed in the incident.

5 Trusted Football Streaming Applications You Must Have in Your Devices

Watching your favorite football matches can be done anywhere today. Having supportive devices and internet connection are not enough but you also must have best app. The list below is the list of recommended apps to watch football streaming from your android. One of the apps below will be a great solution to watch your favorite football match in your tight schedule.


Most football lovers know that ESPN is the largest sports broadcasting network. ESPN is broadcasted live of any kind of sports in television channel. Too meet the need of football lovers around the world, ESPN develops their network by offering live sport matches streaming via website and app. The best part, you are able to stream those live football matches for free. Download and install the app in your android first and start to enjoy football matches anytime you want in a good quality image and content.

5-Trusted-Football-Streaming-Applications-You-Must-Have-in-Your-Devices To download ESPN app, you can directly go to Google Play Store for android. But you can also get the app by visiting App Store, Roku, Channel Store, Windows Store, Amazon App Store, Xbox One and Xbox 360, and also official website watch ESPN. Then, you have to choose the television provider and enter your television subscription username and password. Now, you are ready to stream your most wanted football match. You may choose to use free version or premium version.

NBC Sports

NBC Sports app is also a great app to download for football lovers. This app is ready to stream all sport matches around the world and you can only use your android or your devices to watch your favorite one. Interestingly, you don’t need to spend your money at all because NBC Sports app is free to download. The app is not only to stream football matches but you can also get the latest information related to the upcoming matches, scores, and any kind of information about football. NBC Sports app provides you with the highlight match if you miss the streaming matches. What a great app for football lovers, isn’t it?

You can download it from iOS 8.0 or later. NBC Sports app is also compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app supports several languages such as Arabic, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese, Turkish, and many more.

Next Match TV

There is a case that you only want to use football major events instead of watching the daily matches. If you are the one who have the same intention, you can download Next Match TV app. Next Match TV app provides you with football matches from major events such as UFFA and FIFA. Just like two apps above, this app is also free to download and use. To make you more comfortable and don’t lose the chance to watch the match, Next Match TV is ready with the complete schedule of the matches. The information is including the detail about the list of players who will play in the match and the detail about the match.

For android users, you just need to go to Google Play Store and download it for free. Then, you will get the update such as the date, the time, and the television channel of the football match.

Sky Sports

Sky Sports app is also an app for football lovers who want to see the latest football matches around the world. You can stream the football matches via your device live. Sometimes, you want to predict the score or which team will win the match, right? If it is so, you may use Sky Sports app because this app support you with the detail information including the information about the players, performance, latest condition, and many more. What makes people love Sky Sports app, they can also use the app to see the profile of their favorite football players. It seems that the internet connection speed doesn’t matter because you can still stream the football match in low internet connection speed and stream in HD quality in fast internet connection.

For android users, just directly go to Play Store and start to download Sky Sports app. Then, install the app and click the icon. Now, you are ready to browse and choose the channel to watch the football match. Tap the channel and continue it by tapping the watch button. Sky Sports app is also compatible with iOS such as iPhone and iPod Touch and also PC and laptop. (Want to see all football fans around the world? Click Here)


Mobdro is a television channel app and one of the functions is to stream football matches live for free. Just like any other football apps, Mobdro app provides you with more information about football match time, latest score of the match, and many more you need to know when you are watching a football match. While watching your favorite football match, one of the features gives you information about high score of the current matches or thee matches.


If you want to download Mobdro app, you have to open your browser and download the app from the official website. There are several versions there and make sure that you are downloading the compatible version with your device. When the download process is done, you can continue it by installing it. The way to install is a little bit different. You have to go to “Setting” and find “Security, and choose “Enable Unknown Sources”. Confirm the process by tapping the OK button. Now, tap the Mobdro icon to open the app and you are ready to use all the features to watch your most wanted football matches.

The list of football streaming apps above shows to you that watching football in your device is possible. The streaming quality is also good although some of them are depending on the internet connection speed. Those apps are also free to download and use so you don’t have to spend more money except you want to upgrade it to the premium version. So, which one of the football streaming apps above you want to use? You may try them one by one and find the best one. Later, you can share your experience while using those apps to helps the other football lovers.

Football Fans Worldwide

Football, as the most popular sport in the world, has a massive amount of supporters that are living in every part of the world. In every continent, in every country, and in every city, there will always be some groups of football lovers with their own favourite football teams. These groups of football lovers divide themselves based on the team that they support and sometimes the city where they live. If they have enough members as a group of supporters, they will also create a name for their own group.


Football Fans, the Twelfth Player in a Match

Widely labelled as the twelfth player of a football match, football supporters really have a great impact for a team they are supporting in a match. In every football match, the home team will probably have a greater chance of winning because the support in the home stadium is much more massive.

English football fans are possibly the best known football supporters in the world. English Premier League is probably the most competitive league in the world, and their fans are also as competitive as the team they support. The fans of English Premier League can be found everywhere, but Asia is one that has the biggest amount of supporter excluding the English fans themselves. If you pay attention while watching English Premier League, there are even some teams that are sponsored by Asian companies, either in their football kits or in their advertising boards.

You can find more than five football teams in every city in England. The fans of English football teams are often called The Hooligans. London, as England’s capital city, has five teams in English Premier League. The teams are Arsenal, Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Tottenham Hotspur, and West Ham United, and all of them have their fanatic fans. For example, you can see in their derby matches that the fans try to give their support to the fullest for the team they are supporting. In London, Arsenal’s fans named themselves Gooners, and their biggest rival is the fans from Tottenham Hotspur.


In Italy, you can see that in almost every stadium, there are barriers between the tribune and the pitch. Even though The Hooligans are as barbaric as the Italian football supporters, they are more orderly than Italian football supporters. Therefore, barriers are needed in Italian football stadiums to prevent chaos from Ultras, the name for Italian football supporters. The Rome Derby, involving SS Lazio and AS Roma, is infamous for its ugly chaos sometimes between the two Ultras supporters. Both of the supporters are often considered the most dangerous in Italy.

An interesting atmosphere you will see from the football supporters in every football match is how passionate they are to support their favourite teams through their chants. Chants will be heard inside football stadiums from the start until the end of a match.

In England, the supporters have their own chants about their team, players, and even coaches. “Take Me Home United Road” is the chant from Manchester United football fans using the melody of John Denver’s “Country Road”. Chelsea FC fans have their own song entitled “Keep the Blue Flag Flying High” that uses the melody from a Christmas song “Oh, Christmas Tree”. However, the greatest, most passionate fans in English Premier League when it comes to chanting is probably Liverpool FC’s Liverpudlian. You will be thrilled and even compelled to singalong “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, a song by Gerry and the Pacemakers, as it is sung by Liverpudlian before the match is started. They also have a chant to sing how great their midfielders are in a piece called “We’ve Got the Best Midfield in the World”.

It’s Not about Supporting, It’s about Lifestyle

If you say that supporting the team they love is only an act of supporting, you will be somewhat incorrect. Die-hard football fans who have been a supporter of certain team for a long time will say that living life as a football fans is a lifestyle, or can be said also as a way of life.

The influence of supporting their favourite teams can affect their lifestyle in many ways. From their fashion style, it is clear that they will be up-to-date with what the players of their favourite teams wear. It is also possible that in their casual days, they will wear sporty style of fashion. Having a membership of a football team supporter can also give you many access and a lot of discount for buying official merchandise of the team you love.

Being a supporter for a football team also means that you have to believe in the spirit of the team. What the team and the players believe in reaching their dreams can be applied to the supporters’ life every day. Simple things like working hard before match and never giving up to win is an inspiring thing to follow.


Gathering with other supporters become their way of communicating and conversing with each other. Every weekend or every match day, football supporters will gather either to have fun together or watch their team playing. Following the news of the team together is a great thing to do. You can discuss how the team has advanced recently, and what will be the best thing for the team in the near future. In the gathering, you can also have conversation about other things except football. Basically, gathering with fellow supporters is a good thing to do socially since the people have the same thing in common with you.

Supporting a football team you love is great when you fill it with passion. No matter what happens for the team, if you still stay true to the team, then you are a good supporter. Many football supporters mock the team when things done by the management of the team are not as what they want. That is a bad thing because football supporters should support all the changes and development of the team, even though they can criticize them too.