Playmaker is player that has ability to read the tempo of the game and game flow. Then, he will deliver a play that can change the game as well as create chance for striker to score goal.  The role as playmaker has become much more important in today’s football world. The strategy that becomes even complex and give only small room for player to move around, make the playmaker’s vision is necessary for a team. What playmaker does will affect the whole game and even bring the team to win the game. Here are some players that can be considered as the best playmaker you can find in today’s modern football.


  1. Cesc Fabregas

This Chelsea player has proved to be one of important player for Chelsea. Although, Antonio Conte, Chelsea coach doesn’t play him too much, but once he enter the field, we can always expect that Chelsea will get chance to create a goal. Fabregas is well-known with his ability to make very accurate pass. Every pass that he launch to opponent defense line, will always need more attention. Otherwise, Chelsea’s striker will be able to score a goal.

According to data, he already made 60 chances in Premier League and UEFA Champions League. And, his average pass reaches 3.2 key passes per game. Compared to other player in Chelsea, this is the best.

  1. David Silva

He has nickname as Spanish Sorcerer or Merlin. He has great vision and can make pass that opponent player doesn’t realize and unable to intercept. And, we can say that he is one of most important player in Manchester City, that make the playing style brought by Pep Guardiola become complete and work well. The classic playmaker, usually play in the center midfielder. However, Silva is different. Pep places him on the winger position. But, because the Manchester City playing style is flexible, especially when they are attacking, he can change his position and move to anywhere he wants it. Because of this flexible position, David Silva has produced many assists for Manchester City. According to data, he made 10 assists that produce goal and create 43 chances in Premier League and Champions League. More than that, his pass success percentage is also considered higher, which is 88.6%.

  1. Neymar

As the most expensive football player in the world, when Paris Saint-Germain bought him from Barcelona with the price at €222 million, he proves himself worth with that price. He scores many goals for PSG, but more than that, he also makes many key plays that allow PSG to score more goals. In Ligue 1 and Champions League, he has already made 62 chances and 9 assists for PSG. Maybe, we can say that he is the most dangerous left attacking midfielder today.Neymar-PSG-Best-Playmaker

When opponent lose focus a little bit, the right side of the defense will be destroyed. He doesn’t only have ability to create chance and pass to other player. He also can break the defense line with his dribbling. According to the data, he creates average of 3.6 key passes per game. Many experts believe that he will win the Ballon d’Or in the near future. If we compare him with two best players today, Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, he is better than them in this term.

  1. Kevin De Bruyne

Manchester City was very lucky when they successfully transfer this Belgian player to Etihad Stadium. When he played for Chelsea, Chelsea was unable to maximize his potency and skill. In the end, he can’t show his real ability. Then, after he leaves Chelsea and played for VfL Wolfsburg, Manchester City sees his ability as playmaker and gets this player. And, in City, he evolved into one of the most dangerous midfielder. Bruyne and Silva combination can be said as the most dangerous combination in Premier League and Europe.

Bruyne can be said as complete playmaker. He can keep the ball let his teammates to find space, dribbling and break the opponent defense line, or he can make key pass that will create chance for goal. He also has speed, which make this playmaker can join counterattack. His position as midfielder and even deep-lying playmaker, also allow him to help his team defense when opponent attack. His ability has been shown from the record that he has made this season, where he successfully made 56 chances in Premier League and Champions League for Manchester City. In Premier League itself, he creates more assists than other player with 8 assists so far.

  1. Lionel Messi

IFFHS has awarded Messi as the best playmaker in the world in 2015 and 2016, when he still played on right flank, accompanying Suarez as pole striker and Neymar on the left flank. However, when Neymar leave and Ernesto Valverde become Barcelona coach, Messi was placed as false nine. He played as the shadow striker. But, Valverde give him freedom to move to any position he liked. And, this kind of playing style creates his new role as the playmaker in the front line of Barcelona. He work together with Iniesta and successfully create many chances that lead Barcelona to won many matches. And also Messi knows as the one of the most important player in Barcelona history.

lionel messi barcelona

The most amazing ability of Messi as playmaker is his vision. We can say he is the best playmaker with best vision today. He can see where his teammates will shows up and place the ball on the right place, where his teammate will be able to convert it into goal, easily. The most dangerous part of Messi is how he can change from playmaker into shadow striker or even striker in small amount of time. Right now, he has successfully made 40 chances in La Liga and Champions League, with 5 assists on both of those competition.

Those were 5 best playmakers that are still active today. You are really lucky to have chance to watch their performance on the field. And of course, from them you can expect some great play and match that you never forget in the rest of your life.

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