Barcelona has turned into one of most important football club in the last decade. They are strong club to begin with, where they dominate La Liga with Real Madrid. Of course, the players that played in Barcelona has big role in bringing Barcelona become one of best football team in the world. And, here are 6 of them that can be considered the most important player in Barcelona playing style, in the last decade.


  1. Marc-Andre ter Stegen

Among many Barcelona goalkeepers in last decade, he is what we can consider as the best. He has one of the best reflexes in the world as goalkeeper. You can see how he made many saves on the last El Classico. But, the best about Marc-Andre ter Stegen is his ability to read the game and control the ball on the back. He can suddenly make long pass to the opponent defense for create fast counterattack. Or, he also has ability to control the ball on the back, and lure the opponent to come for creating space in the middle. We can call him as the libero goalkeeper, one of rare position that you can only find on the best goalkeeper in the past.

Maybe, the way he play right know is influenced by the Germany football team playing style. Germany also has similar style like Barcelona. They use possession football and lot of short pass. Therefore, he doesn’t have any problem to adapt when he joined Barcelona.

  1. Ivan Rakitic

He is one of important player in Barcelona. After Rafael Marques leave Barcelona, the club doesn’t have any power-type player. It worked well, actually, when they start to use Tiki Taka style. However, that was only for couple years or in beginning. Then, after their opponent know how to fight it, which is with high pressure and physical play, the midfield is difficult to develop the game. The three midfielders at that time, Iniesta, Xavi and Busquet, aren’t capable in facing this kind of strategy. Iniesta and Xavi is technique-type player, and they are also growing old, which isn’t matched with the physical play that opponent use. On the other hand, Busquet is still young, but he is the same player-type like Iniesta and Xavi. More than that, he is slow.


However, with Rakitic joined the club, the midfield area of Barcelona has more power. He can cut and fight with physical-type player from other team. Therefore, Barcelona can keep their playing style, even though opponent use that strategy. Rakitic is also midfielder that love to penetrate to the opponent defense line. He also can release cannonball kick from outside the penalty box, which Barcelona lost after Deco leave the club. Rakitic also has ability to send long pass, when Barcelona in the middle of counterattack.

  1. Sergio Busquet

We can call him as metronome. After Xavi left Barcelona, there is no player that can take his role as playmaker, until Busquet come to main squad. Before Rakitic came, he can’t play like what he does today. He will stay in the back, and play as defending midfielder. However, with Rakitic come into the squad, they can change their position one and another. So, his playmaking ability has become much better and have big effect in Barcelona playing style.

  1. Lionel Messi & Ronaldinho

We can’t separate them, because they have important role that is equal for Barcelona playing. Currently, we can say that Messi is the most important player in Barcelona. He doesn’t only play as playmaker in frontline. But, he also becomes the morale booster for other player. We often see him change how Barcelona play, when he substitute other player in the middle of the game. His vision and dribble, can be considered as the best in the world. He can see any hole in the opponent defense line and do two things. He can pass to other player which mostly will lead to a goal, or with his dribbling ability, he can break that line by himself. More than that, Messi also can open the space to attract defender, so other Barcelona player can penetrate the defense of the opposite team. We can see it clearly in last El Classico, when Barcelona scored first goal. It was clearly, that Kovacic that should be cover the area in front of defense line, has to leave his post to guard Messi. This hole then can be used perfectly by Rakitic to pass the ball to Sergi Roberto on the right side, which then passes to Suarez on the far left that make him easily score the first goal.


Ronaldinho also has similar position and ability like Messi. He has speed, power and good dribbling ability. The one that make him become little bit better than Messi is his power. Messi won’t be able to hold his stand, if player that bigger than him doing body charge. However, Ronaldinho can do that. You may remember on one of Champions League match, when Barcelona faces Chelsea, John Terry, which is taller and bigger than Ronaldinho fly away because of Ronaldinho body charge. More than that, Ronaldinho playing style is more interesting than Messi. agen sbobet terpercaya

  1. Xavi Hernandez

We place him on the first place, because he has big role in Barcelona playing style. When he left Barcelona, this team is like losing its style and can’t play like it used to be. More than that, compared to other player that has bigger physique than Xavi, he can fight them toe to toe. But, the most important thing, Xavi is the manifestation of the correct way to play football. Most of player will play by looking at the ball most of the time. Xavi is different. He feels the ball with his foot and sees around him. This is what makes him become best playmaker for Barcelona. He also can construct the Barcelona play this way. More than that, we can say that his ball keeping skill is much better than Messi. You will rarely see him lose the ball.

So, those were the most important player in Barcelona squad for last decade. However, you need to remember. Football is team-sport. Therefore, other than those who are mentioned above, all players on the field are important player. Without the good teamwork between them, Barcelona won’t be able to get many achievements like what we can see today.

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