Watching your favorite football matches can be done anywhere today. Having supportive devices and internet connection are not enough but you also must have best app. The list below is the list of recommended apps to watch football streaming from your android. One of the apps below will be a great solution to watch your favorite football match in your tight schedule.


Most football lovers know that ESPN is the largest sports broadcasting network. ESPN is broadcasted live of any kind of sports in television channel. Too meet the need of football lovers around the world, ESPN develops their network by offering live sport matches streaming via website and app. The best part, you are able to stream those live football matches for free. Download and install the app in your android first and start to enjoy football matches anytime you want in a good quality image and content.

5-Trusted-Football-Streaming-Applications-You-Must-Have-in-Your-Devices To download ESPN app, you can directly go to Google Play Store for android. But you can also get the app by visiting App Store, Roku, Channel Store, Windows Store, Amazon App Store, Xbox One and Xbox 360, and also official website watch ESPN. Then, you have to choose the television provider and enter your television subscription username and password. Now, you are ready to stream your most wanted football match. You may choose to use free version or premium version.

NBC Sports

NBC Sports app is also a great app to download for football lovers. This app is ready to stream all sport matches around the world and you can only use your android or your devices to watch your favorite one. Interestingly, you don’t need to spend your money at all because NBC Sports app is free to download. The app is not only to stream football matches but you can also get the latest information related to the upcoming matches, scores, and any kind of information about football. NBC Sports app provides you with the highlight match if you miss the streaming matches. What a great app for football lovers, isn’t it?

You can download it from iOS 8.0 or later. NBC Sports app is also compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app supports several languages such as Arabic, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese, Turkish, and many more.

Next Match TV

There is a case that you only want to use football major events instead of watching the daily matches. If you are the one who have the same intention, you can download Next Match TV app. Next Match TV app provides you with football matches from major events such as UFFA and FIFA. Just like two apps above, this app is also free to download and use. To make you more comfortable and don’t lose the chance to watch the match, Next Match TV is ready with the complete schedule of the matches. The information is including the detail about the list of players who will play in the match and the detail about the match.

For android users, you just need to go to Google Play Store and download it for free. Then, you will get the update such as the date, the time, and the television channel of the football match.

Sky Sports

Sky Sports app is also an app for football lovers who want to see the latest football matches around the world. You can stream the football matches via your device live. Sometimes, you want to predict the score or which team will win the match, right? If it is so, you may use Sky Sports app because this app support you with the detail information including the information about the players, performance, latest condition, and many more. What makes people love Sky Sports app, they can also use the app to see the profile of their favorite football players. It seems that the internet connection speed doesn’t matter because you can still stream the football match in low internet connection speed and stream in HD quality in fast internet connection.

For android users, just directly go to Play Store and start to download Sky Sports app. Then, install the app and click the icon. Now, you are ready to browse and choose the channel to watch the football match. Tap the channel and continue it by tapping the watch button. Sky Sports app is also compatible with iOS such as iPhone and iPod Touch and also PC and laptop. (Want to see all football fans around the world? Click Here)


Mobdro is a television channel app and one of the functions is to stream football matches live for free. Just like any other football apps, Mobdro app provides you with more information about football match time, latest score of the match, and many more you need to know when you are watching a football match. While watching your favorite football match, one of the features gives you information about high score of the current matches or thee matches.


If you want to download Mobdro app, you have to open your browser and download the app from the official website. There are several versions there and make sure that you are downloading the compatible version with your device. When the download process is done, you can continue it by installing it. The way to install is a little bit different. You have to go to “Setting” and find “Security, and choose “Enable Unknown Sources”. Confirm the process by tapping the OK button. Now, tap the Mobdro icon to open the app and you are ready to use all the features to watch your most wanted football matches.

The list of football streaming apps above shows to you that watching football in your device is possible. The streaming quality is also good although some of them are depending on the internet connection speed. Those apps are also free to download and use so you don’t have to spend more money except you want to upgrade it to the premium version. So, which one of the football streaming apps above you want to use? You may try them one by one and find the best one. Later, you can share your experience while using those apps to helps the other football lovers.

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