Football is one of the most phenomenal sports on earth. Starting from the world cup, fierce competition between teams, a row of expensive players, wags, gambling, corruption, achievements, and accidents are all there. From so many things going on in football, there are some events that will be unforgettable moments throughout football history.

Unforgettable matches

United States vs. Iran

‘The most politically game in World Cup history’; is how people nicknamed the game in the 1998 World Cup. Apart from the bad political relations between the two countries for several decades, the fight in the group phase that runs full of friendship. No controversy occurred in the duel which Iran finally won with the 2-1.

Two Injury Time Goals of the Red Devils

There is no comeback story as dramatic as Manchester United vs Bayern Munich in the 1998/1999 Champions League final. Left behind since six minutes, MU seems to be lost because until the 90th minute they have not equalized. But in the period of injury time the miracle came. Two goals in a two-minute interval by Teddy Sheringham (90 + 1) and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (90 + 2) gave United a 2-1 victory and title.

World cup moments

Greece European Cup Winner 2004

Before the Euro 2004, Greece only twice passed to major tournaments. Who would have thought they could then be a champion. Together with coach Otto Rehhagel, Greece plays rely on solid defense and build attacks through counter attack. Greece beat France in the quarterfinals with 1-0, in the Czech Republic’s replacement semifinals were subdued through a goal silver rule. In Portugal’s top party is capped through a single goal Angelos Charisteas.

Goal Ghost in the World Cup Final

Many ghost goals have occurred throughout World Cup history, but the level of urgency has never been as important in the 1966 World Cup final. England and West Germany have to go through extra time after playing 2-2 in 90 minutes. The controversial goal came as Geoff Hurst’s shot hit the bar and bounced off the ground before being swept by the German defender. The referee (Switzerland) is not sure deciding to ask the line judge (Azerbaijan). Although the two did not speak the same language it was finally decided the goal had taken place.

Pele World Cup Debut


The world has been looking forward to Pele’s skill when he made his 1958 World Cup debut. Although only 17 years old, Pele was already known to the European media for his ability to process the ball that is considered very good. Pele proved that throughout the tournament. He scored the first goal against Wales, and then made a hat-trick when faced with France in the semifinals and made two more goals when faced with Sweden in the final. agen judi online

Players with their very own unforgettable moments

Suarez’s teeth

After the rescue action at the 2010 World Cup, Luis Suarez again made controversy in the 2014 World Cup. This time the victim was Giorgio Chiellini, who could be slightly injured from being bitten by the Uruguayan striker. FIFA sent Suarez heavy penalties for his third bite action.

Frank Rijkaard spit for Rudi Voller

There are many stories about the Dutch feud with West Germany on the field. One of the hottest occurred in the last 16 of the 1990 World Cup. In the fierce duel at the San Siro, Frank Rijkaard was caught on camera spat on Rudi Voller twice. The feud between the two players finally ended with both being a red card.

Penalty Panenka

Antonin Panenka led Czechoslovakia champion in the 1976 European Cup. The legendary then of him was a penalty execution in the final game against West Germany. Instead of releasing a hard or directional kick, he chose to poke the ball toward the middle. Such a penalty technique is then immortalized by its name.

Red Card David Beckham

So the stars in England and Manchester United, David Beckham must have a bad tournament at the 1998 World Cup. Because Beckham stuck out his legs to tackle Diego Simeone, he got a red card. England eventually lost the game and was eliminated from the tournament on penalties. ’10 heroic lions, one stupid boy ‘wrote The Mirror at that time.

Golden Goal Ahn Jung-Hwan

Despite all the controversy, Ahn Jung-Hwan’s golden goal against Italy in the last 16 of the 2002 World Cup became one of the greatest moments in the tournament’s history. Italy’s superior first through Christian Vieri canceled a win because Seol Ki-hyeon make a goal in minute 88 and Ahn Jung-Hwan goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon in 117 minutes.

13 Just Fontaine Goals

The 1958 World Cup was identical to Pele. But there are other players who performed brilliantly in the tournament; he is French striker Just Fontaine who made 13 goals throughout the tournament, breaking the record of the most goals in a World Cup title previously held by Sandor Kocsis (11). Fontaine scored six goals as France defeated West Germany 6-3. Interestingly, the 1958 World Cup was the only World Cup that Fontaine followed.


Andres Escobar probably did not think that an own goal he created at the 1994 World Cup ended with his life flying. Escobar was shot dead after he returned home to Colombia, believed the shooting was done as a ‘penalty’ for an own goal he made in a match with the United States. It is said that Escobar was shot six times, and the culprit shouted ‘Gol!’ when executing Escobar.


Superga Air Disaster took the life of the entire Torino squad in a plane crash that occurred on May 4, 1949. The incident also became a big blow for the Italian national team because the majority of players are penggawa Torino. Millions of people took to the streets to accompany the funerals of the victims held a few weeks after the incident.

The Munich tragedy occurred on February 6, 1958, when British European Airways flight number 609 crashed at Munich-Riem Airport. Being in the plane is a Manchester United squad known as the “Busby Babes” nickname. Eight players of the Red Devils were killed in the incident.

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